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As a Curvaceous Woman, Founder Shatava Lindsey sought to create a fashion brand where women of all sizes could purchase clothing items and feel confident about their purchase. After growing frustrated over trying to find clothing to fit her curvy figure, Shatava sought to create her own unique brand, utilizing quality fabrics that fit a woman like no other.

OURGLASS is a clothing brand aimed at celebrating the sexy and unique make-up of a woman. Our clothing is geared towards women of all sizes. This unique brand aims at supplying women with clothing that fit to perfection. Not only does the company lavish the everyday woman with nice and quality clothing, we pride ourselves in creating a brand aimed at making a woman feel confident in her unique figure.

OURGLASS is unique because our clothing items, whether handmade or a collection of hand selected boutique designs, fit our OURGLASS woman like no other. Our designs are made up of custom and boutique bodysuits, dresses, sets, bottoms and tops.

The OURGLASS woman is fierce and demands attention with her fashion forward styles. She is an independent go getter always seeking to dominate her field. The OURGLASS woman ranges in age, however has a great deal of understanding of quality in fashion and her overall lifestyle. She embraces her curves, loves herself and takes every opportunity to smile because she is confident in who she is.

Want to feel confident in your figure, shop OURGLASS!